Mission: To support the uptake and exchange of Open Educational Resources in the European K-12 sector.

A group of European Ministries of Education and other organizations

Promotes and supporting the creation, discovery, exchange, and (re)use of Open Educational Resources (OER) and practices. It is open to regional and local education authorities and private for-profit and non-profit organizations that wish to utilise LRE services and take advantage of available benefits. Members participate in European and international projects investigating the impact and best practices of OERs.

Educational Repositories Network (EdReNe)

To foster networking opportunities, the LRE Subcommittee collaborates closely with EdReNe, a network of European repository nodes and stakeholders dedicated to the development of recommendations and exchange of expertise. Together these two networks participate in face-to-face meetings and online seminars which provide opportunities for members to keep up-to-date on the latest developments in the field and learn about new and ongoing initiatives across Europe.

State-of-the-art technical infrastructure

LRE Directories of Open Educational Repositories and Open Educational Resources with more than 145,000 international OERs. LRE members rely on the LRE infrastructure to build collections of new, high quality OERs from other providers across the world to complement their own national content offerings.

Open to new members

Membership is open to all organizations interested in taking advantage of the LRE network, the LRE infrastructure, and the expertise it has developed around the discovery and exchange of Open Educational Resources for K-12 education. This includes Ministries of Education, regional authorities, and other profit and non-profit educational organizations.


LRE Membership encompasses the following benefits:


LRE members participate in the planning and activities of the Educational Repositories Network (EdReNe) and network with relevant departments from European MoEs.

145,000+ Open Educational Resources

Member have exclusive access to LRE Directories of Open Educational Repositories and multilingual Open Educational Resources with curated and enriched metadata.

International Projects

Coordinated by EUN, members take active roles in EC- and industry- funded projects exploring themes formulating strategies on digital educational content and content-based services.


Member Profiles

The LRE Subcommittee is a group of European Ministries of Education and other organizations that promotes and supports the creation, discovery, exchange, and (re)use of OERs and practices.
LRE Members' Logos
PDST Educa.ch Klascement INDIRE CTI Skolverket DGEEC


How it works

  • Express your organization’s interest by contacting Elena Shulman;
  • Once we receive notification of your intention, a meeting (face-to-face or virtual) of the subcommittee will be convened during which your interest and your organization will be introduced to the members;
  • A representative from your organization will be invited to present your organization and to officially apply for membership;
  • At the close of the meeting, a vote of the members will be organized;
  • You will be notified as soon as the result of the vote is established. If your application is accepted, your organization will be invited to pay its LRE membership fees. The yearly fee is 7,000 EUR;

  • Your membership will be effective as soon as EUN receives your payment.

From start to finish the process should take no more than 4-6 weeks (depending on the availability of voting members).