CTI, Greece

The Computer Technology Institute and Press "Diophantus" was founded in 1985 as a non-profit private legal entity. Since 1992 CTI has been supervised by the Ministry of Education (MoE) as a financially, administratively, and scientifically independent institution. In 2011, it was a strategic decision of the Ministry of Education to establish CTI as its technological pillar, supporting ICT in education, and as the publishing body of Greek textbooks and electronic educational materials (law 3966/2011).

CTI is now responsible for developing and maintaining digital educational resources and content-based services for schools, including digital learning repositories and learning platforms; administrating the Greek School Network, the largest user network in Greece; organizing and running the state programs for teachers training in ICT; publishing all Greek school textbooks; and supporting the organization and operation of the electronic infrastructure of the Greek MoE and all associated educational units.

CTI has longstanding experience in the pedagogical use of educational technology in schools. Among others, CTI has implemented and coordinated the large-scale action for the digital educational content and content-based services for schools in the context of the “Digital School” national initiative for K-12 education in Greece (2010-2015), that included the design and development of the “Photodentro” Hellenic National Educational Repository Infrastructure for K-12 Education (an ecosystem of OER repositories and the Greek National Aggregator for Educational Content at photodentro.edu.gr), the creation of interactive e-textbooks, and the development of the e-me Digital Educational Platform for pupils and teachers (“e-me” platform). CTI has also participated in more than 250 European projects.